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Server Update 25.03.2019 / 02.04.2019 [NEW]

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:19 pm
by [GA]Beebo
On March 25, 2019, the server received the following updates:

What has been done:
  • Verify and reduce mobs for zinc map
  • The dew bug was checked and resolved
  • Added: exo / read / zen / add to the drop of the chefs (orc, 9pcs, yellow tiger, testa) s.a.m.d
  • All characters were brought to their original value (default) by manufacturer ymir
  • War books wu-day, sun-day, welio-day & mining are now stackable
  • You can stack +0 and +0 stones now
  • Level 70 weapons were put at the default price as they were when you wanted to sell them to the general store
  • Drop info was added to mobs and metin stones
  • The drop of stones at 60-65-75 was checked and the drop rate dropped slightly
  • The bug for the beginner system has been fixed (now you'll get the quest from the blackjack on map1)
  • The magic of 20% was read on the server
  • The site bug has been resolved: Dragon's Life, Dragon God's Attack, Dragon God's Intelligence, Dragon God's Defense

What to do next:
  • Adding the level 94 mission
  • Adding Catacombs and titanium shields
  • The wedding ring is about to be solved
  • A new server protection with updates made every day

Re: Server Update 25.03.2019 / 02.04.2019 [NEW]

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:22 pm
by [GA]Beebo
On 02.04.2019 the server received the following updates:
  • I've solved the bug that caused the stacked elixirs to disappear when you used them for the 92 mission.
  • We've solved the bug by exploiting the quest with evolutionary accessories
  • Added new anti-hack server protection
  • I added Party Buff +
# To benefit from today's updates and especially last week's Info Mob, please start your autopatcher !!

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