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Sun Jan 02, 2022 5:48 pm

Server 2 is almost ready! We know that many of you are interested in it, many old players who want to create a new beginning here but also many players already active on the old server eager for a new action. For all of you, we have created this topic in which we will explain a little the gameplay of the new game server.

- The drop, yang and experience drop rate will be 3x higher than the official one
- You will be able to find the objects of lv 1 in the npcs in the city directly +6
- The chance of success at the Blacksmith of the objects is 3x higher than the official one. (for example the chance of a full Moon Sword succeeding at +9 is 30%)
- The waiting time for reading the competition books and spirit stones is 2 hours.
- The waiting time for researching the biologist's missions is 3 hours.
- The blacksmith offers you a daily evolution accessory for 24 hours until lv. 40
- A METIN stone will have the chance to drop 100% on a single Competence Card
- 18 missions to do up to level 60. Their rewards will consist of Yang and special evolution objects (exo, read, bonuses, etc.)
- You will receive the horse directly lv. 10 following that you will evolve it further with the official missions, the waiting time between trainings is 1 hour.
- Competency books will be stackable to take up less space. Their training may fail.
- Special Objects Drop:
Strengthen the Object, Enchant the Object, Blessed Parchment you will be able to drop them at the Metin Stones of lv. 25-90.
Exorcism Scroll, Concentrated Reading, Blessed Marble you will be able to drop them at 30-90 level Chief Monsters.
Power and Green Magic will be able to fall to the levels and bosses of lv 1-30.( din map1 )

- All upgrade items will have to be farmed, their drop will be 3x higher than the official one.
- The fisherman will put your patience to the test because Undita will be the main way you can buy Pearls and Shells.
- Lv weapons. 75 (eg Poison) can only be dropped on the Scythe Angel. (His box)
- Access to v3 will be restricted in the first 10-30 days of play


- The drop rate, yang and experience rate will be completely DIFFERENT and implicitly heavier
- Mission rewards will be lower
- Captain's Chest / Powerful Mounted System / Offline Stores will be unavailable at the beginning of the game server.
- The Devil's Catacomb and Beran Setaou dungeons will be unavailable at the beginning of the game server. / The Maze of Orcs will be completely unavailable!
- The drop of plants for potions will be slightly smaller.
- There will be no YANG for sale in ItemShop. ItemShop will not contain the same objects.

Basically the same classic server, with the same action as 10 years ago. We try to keep the game in its true form and essence with a few small improvements
brought especially for you to make your lost time more captivating and relaxing.


- We hope that by the launch date we will offer you a NEW AUTOPATCHER of the client
- We will also install a new anti-hack protection until the launch date.

### We do not intend to merge the servers with each other in the future!